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At On Cue Training and Behavior,
we teach you to teach your dog.
A Little About Us

At On Cue Training and Behavior, we teach you to teach your dog. We design a training or behavior plan with your family's goals in mind using positive, family-friendly methods.

Dogs learn just like we do, and our approach uses scientific methods based on that simple fact. We want to set you and your dog up for success and teach you ways to prepare your dog for lifelong learning. We use a reward-based method called clicker training where desired behaviors are marked with a clicker sound and then rewarded with a small food treat. The clicker is used as a temporary learning tool only—it’s not forever!

Does this method work for all dogs? Yes, all dogs, all animals—and people too! We use clicker training because it:

  • accelerates learning
  • strengthens the human-animal bond
  • produces long-term recall of behaviors
  • produces creativity and initiative
  • forgives your mistakes
  • generates enthusiastic learners

On Cue’s philosophy includes valuing a close relationship with the veterinary community. We require that clients have an up-to-date vaccination record and reserve the right to request a consultation with a client's veterinarian before training or behavior modification. We also reserve the right to refer clients to their veterinarian if behavior is believed to be related to, but not limited to, aggression, compulsive or anxiety disorders, or other illnesses, in order to obtain a proper diagnosis.

Watch as Karen Pryor talks about the benefits of
force-free training and how to choose a dog trainer!

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