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At On Cue Training and Behavior,
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Our Services

On Cue Training and Behavior provides private in-home training and behavior consultations for puppies to adult dogs. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we provide services in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area.


Pre-puppy Counseling, Puppy Socialization, New Puppy Family Support and Foundation Skills. 

We can help with breed suggestions, finding a breeder and counseling you on what you need to do to get ready for a puppy in your home. The first 16 weeks of life for a new puppy is the optimum time to introduce him/her to new experiences, what we call socialization, so getting started soon is critical.

A socialization schedule to introduce your puppy to new people, places, animals and sounds, movement and textures can be developed for you and your puppy.  We can suggest housetraining plans, nipping and biting control (especially around young children) and managing your puppy using crate training. All dogs should have a set of good manners or foundation skills such as sit, come, drop, go to bed, and walk with a loose leash. We are able to offer a unique curriculum through our affiliation with Karen Pryor Academy to teach you these skills in an easy and fun way.

Adult Dog Foundation Skills to Advanced Skills.

Maybe you missed puppy classes or those early-learned good manner or foundation skills have slipped a bit. We can go back and polish these up.   Dogs are never too old to learn new things and the way we teach is fun for them. As long as a dog is physically able to do something we can teach it. If you would like to send your dog across the room to retrieve the remote, we can make it happen!

Behavior Modification.

Sometimes your dog behaves in ways that tests your relationship with them. They don’t come when they are called, jump on people, steal things off counters, bark inappropriately; the list goes on and on. Together we can determine the best ways for you to change or manage these behaviors.  It is important that we determine where, when and who is present when these things happen. We can then customize our meeting time so we can observe the behavior and work with you on appropriate remedies.

Gentle Leader Fitting and Training.

If you desire to use a Gentle Leader (which we highly recommend), we can expertly fit and train you on the use of this highly effective and humane training aid.


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